Monday, February 20, 2006

Making Crazy Stuff

What can you do with a yard of concrete, some melamine, a few sticks of lumber and a couple of great friends?

Make an ofuro, aka a Japanese soaking tub:

Huge thanks to my pal Knit-Whit and her fab boy for helping us. Fortunately they're used to us asking for help with all kinds of crazy stuff, so they didn't bat an eyelash at the prospect of playing around with 3000 lbs of wet concrete on a Saturday.

It was our pleasure.

And guess what K ate for dinner tonight...
Holy crap! That thing is cool.
Oh, cool!!! I love those things!

Any updated pictures??
Very cool and inspiring! I'd like to try this myself. Did you end up polishing or finishing the surface of the ofuro in any way? Does the water stay warm? Any updated pics?
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