Friday, February 17, 2006

A year ago today...

I was thinking about:

The delicious ham, swiss and mushroom sandwiches made for our most recent CraftyCHIX get together. 2006 update: I think I've made this recipe only once since then, but it's still on my list of favorites. I can't wait to be able to cook with some regularity again.

Knitting on my Color on Color Scarf. 2006 update: I finished this scarf sometime late last winter and it's one of my favorite FO's. I get tons of comments on it whenever I wear it and it was really fun to knit.

Messin' with my new laptop, given to me by boy as a Valentine's Day gift. 2006 update: Still plunking away on the same laptop, still running Gentoo Linux, although I do tolerate the occasional Winblows adventure for I Tunes purposes. I should add that this Valentine's Day I got a very nice card but no fabulous new gadget. Sigh. I should also add that I heart boy more than ever, gifts or no.

Making an inagural post about our house project. 2006 update: What was just lines on paper and a couple of cold, lonely walls then is now an actual thing. Warm, dry and pretty darn neato, IMO. It's the project I'm most proud of. Now, if we could just get it finished and move in!

Generally carrying on about food, bikes , Project Runway and creative stuff. 2006 update: I miss cooking on a regular basis more than I ever thought I would, so getting back in this groove will be high on the to-do list post move-in. I miss bikes, but it's easy to put that on the back burner when it's like -20 outside and I plenty of indoor stuff to keep me busy. I also miss creative crafty stuff, despite the fact that my creativity, ingenuity and can-do-it-ness are being challenged on a daily basis. I long for the days of the short term project. Another item for the post move-in list. I no longer have Bravo, nor the time to watch it, so I've been listening to this season's Project Runway updates via podcast while I wait for the DVD.

Off to bed. Tomorrow has lots of promise and should make for some good pics. Stay tuned.

hi. i googled the "color on color" scarf and found your blog. your scarf looks beautiful. i'm in the midst of making it myself and it's kind of looking like ass. i noticed in your posts last year (i'm not a stalker) that you weren't feeling the love either. did blocking help?
Hi Maryse.
To quote you, my scarf looked like ass while I was knitting on it too. I actually started blocking it as I knit, just to be sure it was going to work out, and I found blocking each section separately really helped once it came to putting them together anyway. I'm talking heavy duty steam blocking, here, not just a wimpy little pressing. Then after I was finished, I wet blocked the whole thing which really helped soften it up...assuming you're using the tapestry yarn...
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