Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Chocolate again

I ran to the drug store today to pick up a few last items for my candyswap pal and couldn't pass this up:

I've never seen this brand before. It appears to be German, and in addition to the raspberry and blueberry varieties, I saw orange, strawberry and cherry. The verdict? Not so good. The packaging had me convinced I was going to get a fruity filling, like with actual fruit or jelly or something, but instead it's got a sort of liquid, white filing. It's the stuff that's inside the chocolates you take a bite out of and then secretly put back in the box when you're a kid. The filling does have a decent, authentic fruit flavor (I've only tried the blueberry so far), but it's too sugary for my taste, and both it and the milk chocolate covering are kind of grainy. That I'm not a milk chocolate fan doesn't help. Oh well. It was an excuse to eat some chocolate, anyway.
I did also manage to get my swap treats into the mail, and hopefully they'll arrive in something other than a melted puddle.
And yes, I have eaten actual food this week, too. I did a Pad Thai last night that turned out suprisingly well.

I had given up cooking anything in the wok at my old house because the range just didn't get hot enough to produce good results, and so far I've refrained from using the wok burner in our new house because we haven't gotten around to ducting my super-sucker range hood yet. But a girl can only go without stir fry for so long, so last night I decided I'd try the wok on the stovetop. The results were definitely better than what I could get from my old, crappy range, but still SO not as good as if I had all 130,000BTU of the wok burner at my fingertips (and that, friends, will be a seriously blogged about event!). The finished dish was missing that slightly toasty, oily dryness that really makes Pad Thai yum, but it was still acceptable enough that I'd make it again in the same manner.
I won't bore you with the recipe although it was very good. I used the one off the back of the noodle package this time, but I've also enjoyed the one from Joy of Cooking in the past.

You can experiment anytime with my palate. It looks fantabulous.
That pad thai looks seriously tasting - I'm working up a powerful craving for it.

Thanks for the warning about that candy...
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