Monday, May 22, 2006

Feel the Power

In honor of this post here , I just had to post a photo of our baby, proudly installed in it's place of honor in the new house living room:

We've got it parked in the corner right next to the bike room, so that it and our other favorite babies can snuggle, and boy am I glad we won't have to move that beast again for awhile. Very. Very. Heavy.
We've been busy relaxing, kicking back and enjoying the view from the -ahem- comfort? of the kitchen chairs we dragged with us from our old house (take your pick, there's four, all uncomfortable) instead of playing pinball, but rest assured, there will be plenty of Addams Family play in our future.
While we are thankful for the return to normalcy following our effort of housebuilding, Popcorn, coctails and movie night at home lose just just a little bit for me when it's happening at the dinner table and the DVD is playing on the kitchen TV. Have I mentioned how desperately I need to buy some furniture?

Anyway, go check out Splityarn. It looks like our lives are oddly parallel in other ways besides pinball. I'm definitely getting a whif of a modernism, no?, and I see an IKEA kitchen in there ...mines Hallarum, hers looks like Abstrakt black, but both with Lansa handles (the coolest, duh!). And don't you just love the old magazine ads-as-art idea? Those are fabulous, Splityarn!

Wow I am really jealous. I love the Adam's family pin ball game.
Hey thanks! We do seem to have oddly parallel lives. As long as you're not from Canada with an American husband people will still be able to tell us apart. :)
LOVE the Addams family.
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