Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Have you tried this?

It's yummy! I'm a dark chocolate lover, and it's hard to find a good piece of dark chocolate in the grocery store check out line, or at the grocery store at all, for that matter. Now, while I am not typically a Ghiradelli fan, I grabbed a couple of these the other day and they made me happy. They're nothing like my dreamy dark chocolate favorites, but they're not $6 or $8 a bar, either. Pretty good for an everyday fix, and there's an orange and an espresso version as well.
Check out another quick review here.
And then:
In the name of research and goodie gathering for candyswap loot to send to my designated pal in Japan, I've been poking around into the far corners of candydom and become something of a connoisseur of gas station candy aisles. Anyway, I haven't had any experience with online chocolate buying, but Chocosphere looks like someplace I'd like to give some bucks to. All those interesting chocolate varieties are so exciting! Wouldn't it be fun to do a chocolate tasting party? I'll have to keep that idea on my back burner...

Hmm, how would you clear your palette between chocolates? Sounds fun!
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