Friday, June 09, 2006

The better to walk on a new patio with, my dear

Maybe not super exciting to the rest of the world, but hey, I've been looking at dirt for two years. So I finally have a patio on that dirt upon which to park my lawn chair and perhaps knit?? Don't you think it just cries out for a paella party? I think it's high time I busted out the sled-sized pan and burner and cooked up some outdoor Spanish love.

Then, perhaps the most comfortable shoes EVER invented:

I bought a pair of Keen Trinidad's last summer and immediately loved them. They've been on my feet almost constantly ever since, so I figured I should get another pair. I spotted these over at Zappos and couldn't resist. And have I mentioned how much I HEART Zappos? It's shoe crack and I get stuff in like two days flat. Fabulous.

Paella party - oh, yum!

I love love love love Keens. Um, I wonder how many pair I have?? I have mary janes, I have clogs, I have fisherman's sandals, I have two pair similar to your orange ones (altho mine are black), I have a pair of Antiguas that I don't like (not enough arch support and a bit too narrow, alas). I think that's it. But you had to post that link to Zappos.... I'm doomed.
Wow your house is looking totally awesome. Candy, building a home, new shoes - when the paella come you will truely have it all.
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