Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is it bad that I ate ALL the Pocky?

First, thanks so much to all of you who have found the moto-knitter stuff purchase worthy, and keep in mind that if you don't see what you want or would like something in a different colorway, just email me and I'll put it out there for you.

I would have had some non-horrible pictures of various things to share with you today if WorstBuy (aka, it's on sale but we don't really have it ever) didn't suck big monkey butt. They are now officially on my banned list. I don't care if they are selling gold bars for $4, I'm not giving them another dime, EVER. So, I am now happily awaiting my new Cannon S2IS from an online retailer who doesn't suck big monkey butt, happily NOT paying too much or being irritated by acne-riddled child salespeople and also happily NOT paying sales tax. The down side is that you're going to have to put up with the unfortunate photos my battle scarred crapola camera takes for a few more days.

So, yes, it's summer and the idea of turning on the oven sounds not so great, but I took advantage of a cool spell over the weekend to roast some chicken.

I know, boneless, skinless chicken breasts are easy and fast, but really, they also taste like a whole lotta nothing. Take an hour, some chicken parts or a whole chicken (split it vertically down the backbone and flatten it out to make it cook faster and stay more moist) and plenty of salt and pepper and remember what chicken is supposed to taste like. Maybe even go out on a limb and indulge in some of the delicious, crispy skin you'll get. Gasp. Yes, I did just say to eat the skin. I think it's the best part and it reminds me of my mom's roasted chicken. I believe her treatment of choice was a pre-roast dousing of Good Seasons Italian dressing, the kind that you make from the envelope. Dee lish.

And yes, the Pocky is GONE.

Soon, soon, the new camera will be here - and a little anticipation is kinda nice.
First of all, NO it's not bad that you ate all the Pocky and secondly isn't chicken skin the only part of the chicken we're supposed to eat?? ;-)
No probs with the skin here, I totally agree - so yummy.
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