Monday, June 05, 2006

Is "moron" part of the required skill set for postal workers?

Ok, first do checkout my new CafePress store for some tricky stuff for all you (or you five) motoknitters out there.

Then get this (I just have to rant for a sec)...
They've been working on the street that goes the opposite direction from our driveway putting in curbs and getting ready to pave it since like the beginning of last week. Coincidentally, we didn't get any mail all last week. ? Hmmmm.
So boy goes to the PO this morning and, after finally convincing the person there that it was not possible for us NOT to have gotten any mail for an entire week (I mean where the hell is my NetFlix, ya know), the guy goes to check with the carrier and comes back with a weeks worth of mail. WTF. So lemme just ask this: How is it OK that the carrier just decides to hold our mail and not bother to tell anyone, including us? I love that it is apparently the policy of the PO to just keep someone's mail until they think to come looking for it because the lazy ass carrier "couldn't get to the box" one day? Whatever happened to getting the fuck out of your truck and walking five feet????

Then, last night's dinner:
Maytag blue stuffed burgers with avocado and bacon. Serious yum.

OK, I need just about everything in the store...
And I'm pretty sure there's no way I could get my mouth around that burger but I would sure try!
If you keep cooking like that I'm going to have to head to Minnesota.
I ran over and bought the shirt that says 'does this yarn match my motorcycle?' LOVE IT!

Thanks for putting up the shop!
I just ordered my own personal moto-knitter t-shirt! Thanks for designing them.
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