Friday, June 16, 2006

Last Nights' Dinner

BBQ chicken sandwiches with cheese and bacon and marinated grilled veggies.

The sandwich needs no explanation. It's simple and one of our summertime favorites. The important part is that you use good bacon, because bacon is always the most important part, no? Anyway, by now you probably know that the only bacon in my world is Lorenz Meats from Cannon Falls, MN. Anything else pales in comparison, and hey, if you're gonna eat bacon, it had better be fabulous.

The veg I marinated in balsamic, olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and oregano and then put on a very hot grill until tender-crisp and charred. Tonights combination was three colors of bell peppers and sweet onions, with a few mushrooms thrown in just for me (because boy is on the A-Team of mushroom haters).
The picture could be better, I know. Honestly, I was a little stressed trying to manage getting my grill on in between some nasty thuderstorms and torrential rain. I was victorious but I worked myself up into quite a sweat (it's really hot here) and all I really wanted to do was sit down and eat.

In other news:
Cece at Fiberfish just became the inagural Moto-Knitter model. Even cooler, she shows us that her yarn really does match her motorcycle. Thanks Cece! You really couldn't have planned that better if you'd tried.

I wanna knit with y'all sometime. Will you hate me for being a bicyclist?!
That sandwich looks yummy! I'm with you on the mushrooms (love 'em!) and my husband is also on the A-Team of mushroom haters.
Oh how I love the BBQ bacon chicken sandwich...

And speaking of mushrooms, we must make a date for Jake's!
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