Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nelsons Deli and a Como Park Photo Op

Boy* and I took the opportunity to enjoy a pretty Saturday with a picnic at Como Park and a stroll around the new and improved zoo and conservatory. Despite the fact that there were crazy car people everywhere around the fairgrounds making traffic a mess, we managed to get to Nelson's Deli to pick up a couple of sandwiches and some other goodies.

There's something about a sandwich with that shredded iceberg lettuce and deli mayo that is just so much better than something I can make at home. I'm not sure why, and even though the ingredients are regular everyday stuff, a sandwich someone else has put together behind the sandwich counter in a real, old fashioned deli is elevated to a whole new level. As you can see we had a couple of other edibiles as well, but the sandwiches were really the best part.

I managed to get a couple of pretty neat pictures with my new camera at the conservatory, thanks to an extremely patient Boy*.

(*The first and only, imitated but never duplicated, mushroom hating Boy. Beware the sad and pathetic imposter)

Pretty pictures! I know what you mean - even with the exact same ingredients, my own sandwiches never taste quite as good. Perhaps it's just the extra yumminess of someone else's labor on your behalf.
The sandwiches and the photos!
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