Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One sock down and last nights' dinner

I must say, this is really record time for me, even though it's only the first of the pair. Presenting the hopefully un-feltable Lana Grossa cotton sock. And, just like with childbirth, the second one always comes out faster, so I should be able to model the pair soon :)

Then, a little dinner action. Seared tuna with wasabi butter and chilled soba noodle salad. Loosely adapted from this recipe, I marinated the fish in soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil and then seared. The wasabi butter is really what makes the dish, but you MUST MUST reconstitute the wasabi powder before mixing it with the butter or it's total ish and the recipe doesn't tell you to do this. Or just use wasabi paste from a tube instead. The soba salad I basically made up but I guess it's based on the traditional dish of cold soba with dipping sauce. I tossed the noodle with seasoned rice vinegar (the best condiment EVER, right behind Chipotle Tabasco), sesame oil and fresh grated ginger and added red pepper, scallion, carrot and sesame seeds.
Cool, fresh and yummy.

Gorgeous sock! I love stripey colorways...

But your dinner - *drool*.
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