Thursday, June 22, 2006

Our New Library: A Great Place to Look Up the Word "Plagiarism"

For all of those people who think that ripping off ideas from "friends" blogs is their right. Because being creative and original is EXHAUSTING.

I haven't made any progress on getting my freshly Racer Pinkerized studio into an organized and usable state other than to determine that I really do need to go and get another gallon of paint and give the whole room another coat. In case you're counting, that equals one coat of tinted primer and FOUR coats of paint. Nothing like turning a quick little day's worth of work into a week long project.

So, instead of finishing that little endeavour, I started making a whole new mess.

Welcome to the new library!
These are LACK shelves from IKEA, and the idiot pictograms tell me that they only hold 44lbs each the way I have them mounted. Because of this, the fact that I'm a slave to the asthetic and because you can see this "library" from nearly everywhere in the house, I'm having to cull the collection a little which frankly is making me anxious. And I'm going to have to take it all down again anyway so I can paint the wall. So much for organized work flow.
Anyway, the bench, (which is really the KULL TV cart and also the fruit of yesterday's trip to IKEA) I intend to make an upholstered cushion for, which I will then spend many, many cumulative hours vacuuming cat hair off of. But a cozy little book nook it shall be, even if cats can't read.

So, question of the day:
What is the save/keep criteria for books?

And totally off topic:
Are the supermarket "encounters" on Take Home Chef staged or real and spontaneous?

OK, I *love* the book nook.

Save/Keep criteria:

Favorite author--save

If you finished the book and said "wow, that was really good"--save (and share)

Book received as a gift/message written inside--save

Autographed copy--save

Cookbooks & Knitting books--save

Up to date reference books--save

As far as Take Home Chef goes...I'm stumped.
I am with Carrie, on the save/toss list. However, I also get rid of books that do not have very good bindings. I just hate when the binding glue dries and it all the pages fall out.

It appears that lots of people are getting there blog ideas stolen. Whats the deal.
I like the save criteria. Unfortunately I don't think I have a single book that's autographed and I might have only a sad one or two that have messages written in them. I guess that means I can stop worrying though, and I did find some salvation in the big IKEA Kassett boxes that are hiding some of my more pathetic but still save-worthy paperbacks.

What REEEALLLY bugs me about the idea thieving thing is that the perp's response to my admittedly not so nice WTF? email was smug, condecending and sarcastic, and basically "how dare you have a problem with me stealing your shit, I copy stuff all the time" followed by "I'm just going to take all my crayons and go home and not be your friend ever, ever again" as if, like I said, ripping off other peoples ideas is one's right. Um hello? REALITY CHECK?
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