Friday, July 28, 2006

Because if You're Gonna Stir the Pot

You might as well stir it up good.

Somehow, Thursday is apparently "adopt a new kitty on a whim" night, and this is our newest little girl. We're calling her Emmie, at least until she can finish up exploring the house and tell us what her real name is. If you're counting, we're now back to 3 cats, or 2 1/2 if you count our old lady who's getting ready for the big dirt nap with at least two paws.
I'm totally blaming Boy for this one. I had mentioned that I wanted to go to the store to scope out the dog gear in preparation for THAT arrival, and he mysteriously made me drive past three closer stores to go to the one he had been at yesterday getting kitty litter. So he knew they had a room full of adorable black and white cats but claims he didn't visit them and denys setting up this little adventure. Personally, I think he engineered the entire event and carefully disguised it to look like I was the one deciding we needed a new kitty RIGHT THEN instead of him. Again, an idea he completely denies...
Anyway, we're in love with her already, and she's about the most mellow and sweetest little kitty I've ever met.
Let's just hope she likes Greyhounds.

She's adorable! Funny how guys claim NOT to be cat people.
It looks like she's settling in just fine!
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