Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Knitting on the Road

I did manage to get a little knitting done on my second cotton sock during our drive to the track. I could have done better, but just as I was reaching for my camera to take this picture all hell broke loose and I was treated to a front seat view of the semi truck in front of us smashing into the back end of the mini-van he was following. In motorcycle speak, we call this an ass-packing.

**Note to mini-van drivers: abruptly slowing from 75mph to 30mph in the fast lane on the interstate to get a better gawk at whatever is going on on the other side of the median is never wise, particularly when you've got a big big truck on your tail.

Anyway, that little adventure made me just a little too tense for knitting, but I did pick it up again on Sunday and whip out a heel flap so the rest of the #2 sock should come around shortly.

In other news, lookie what came yesterday:

Unfortunately, they didn't arrive looking quite like this. Boy and I had to spend a couple of hours assembling, but we now officially have a coat closet, and I'm happy to have a home for the pile of outerwear that had been planted on top of the pinball machine for the last three months. Now, if someone would send the paint fairy over to help me dress this room in something other than white primer, I could almost call it done.

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