Sunday, July 09, 2006

A New Baby!

Let the lansdcaping commence! We planted our first tree today, a Locust hybrid called "Twisted Baby". Rather fitting, don't you think?

In other news:
I'd say there's about a 99% chance there will be another addition to our family in the next month or two, and NO, not a human one.

Boy and I went to a meet and greet held by Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption today, and we're swooning. We, or rather the I part of we, have been contemplating adopting a Grehyound for a couple of years, and now that we're settled in "The House" and have some nifty new grass to run around on, I think it's time. Now I just gotta go get the thumbs up from Little Kitty...

a greyhound! so jealous! we would love to adopt a greyhound, we've looked into northern lights before (they had a greyhound open house at petsmart once when we stopped in and we got sucked in...). no house yet for us, so no greyhound... yet. :)

i like the tree too!
Oh my gosh. I can't wait. Will it be black or white or mixed? Boy or a girl? Please...tell me more ;-)

And I love twisted baby, how big does it get?
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