Monday, July 17, 2006

Not a Post for Vegetarians

What is the next logical activity to plan when you know you're going to be spending the day roasting on asphalt in 100 degree heat and blistering sunshine, wearing full leathers and a helmet, and sitting on a hot motorcycle? Bring your smoker and cook some meat, of course. That way, in between riding that hot motorcycle and roasting in your own personal bovine sweat suit, you can stand around and tend to the smoke and fire that's cooking what will be, if you can manage not to pass out from exhaustion, a seriously yummy dinnertime meat fest for 30 or so of your motorcycle riding companions.

The goods:
18 lbs. of prime rib
9 lbs. of pork loin, bathed in Jerk marinade for two days.
3 racks of ribs

and from the fire:
Jalapeno potatos
Baked beans

This amazing display of meat porn was devoured down to the last scrap by our fun gang of track friends. My part in the whole project was the jerk pork that you can see sliced up and crammed into a serving dish at the top of the picture. I guess maybe I'm biased, but it was my favorite. Super juicy, tender and slathered with a smoky jerk crust, it was about as good as meat can get, made even better by the fact that I had been craving it for months.

I'm salivating!! That looks so damn good!
Oh man, that's a lot of meat!
Oh wow, you weren't kiddig. That looks like an absolute delicious meal. Too bad we were at the other track...ya know, the one with hot dogs.
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