Friday, July 14, 2006

See You on Monday!

We're headed off to the track for the weekend to play with the motorcycles.

As you can see, Little Kitty is wasting no time getting her lounge on. I'm sure she'll move from this spot during the weekend only to eat and poo, but she wouldn't have even considered this a suitable lounge locale until I messed up the pillows for her. A made bed is SO un-kittylike. Duh.

I knew you would be sneaking in a post before you left!!
I love your sheets! Where did you find those?

Have fun with the motorcycles this weekend.
Those sheets are from Target! But wait, it gets better...they're nice, smooth, 100% cotton and I got them on clearance for like $35 for a queen set. Unfortunately it was a couple of years ago. The striped pillow cases are more recent Target vintage ala Isaac Mizrahi, as is the orange quilt, and the silk throw pillows are from Marshalls. So my secret is out...I'm a psycho bed linen addict.
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