Thursday, August 31, 2006

All Twisted Up

Several months ago now I acquired a little drop spindle and some roving while on an adventure to the Sheep and Wool Festival with Ms. Knit-Whit. She got some spinning supplies too, and we have been saying ever since that we MUST get together and try our our new crafty stuff one of these days. Well, yesterday I got stuck waiting around here for a delivery so I decided I might as well have an experimental go at drop spinning to see what we were in for. Turns out, I wish I had one with the little hook on the other end which Knit-Whit informs me is a bottom whorl, but I managed to get wool fibers all over me anyway despite lacking that much-wished-for third hand. Here are the fruits of my very first effort with the drop spindle:

It's kinda addicting, but I'm thinking I'd rather use the roving for felting instead, since I despise how single ply yarns make my knitted stuff go all wonky and crooked and I dont' think I'll be up for plying anytime soon.

Anyway, the much awaited delivery did finally arrive which was very exciting since I had been waiting since June. Here it is getting the official Kitty Union evaluation:

I think we like it!

At first I was going to whoo hoo you for the yarn (which is awesome) but then I saw that funny picture of Runt! She looks SO relaxed. I think she likes the new & very cool rug.
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