Friday, August 25, 2006

Look For My New Act

Coming soon to a circus near you, it's called Highwire Acrobatic Painting.
So, a week, four gallons of paint, a new twelve foot step ladder that isn't even close to being tall enough, a lot of sweat, swearing and ladder climbing, and the south wall is painted. That this is about the fourth time I've made you hear about it is simply further evidence of the ordeal it has been.
Unfortunately, there is still one more gargantuan wall that needs paint in here, but hopefully that will be easier if only because it's getting a color that's likely to require FOUR FREAKIN COATS of paint.
And let me just say, for the record, that I am really not feeling the art of trying to navigate up and down a wobbly 22 foot extension ladder one handed while holding paint in a dish and a paintbrush and trying not to spill, to cut in that two inch swath at the ceiling where the temperature is about 95 degrees.
Fresh and energizing, the new chartreuse in the gym:

And just a little left to do up high in the corner:

So I guess the next question is: What color shall I paint that door?

I LOVE the chartreuse! You know, it's very similar, I think, to the Pratt & Lambert "fig."
Hey, thanks Mariko!
Your advice corresponded with what I was thinking too, that a one wall approach would be best. Lets hope I still love it in a year!
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