Friday, August 04, 2006

More organizing

Some follow-up research after my coconut rice pudding adventure reveals that the dessert risotto thing is a legitimate dish. I found some good recipes and inspiration here here and here.

I've been cleaning windows (BOO!) and doing some more organizing around here. Unlike being creative, those activities ARE exhausting so I decided I needed a little time out at the computer.
Remember "Making Crazy Stuff"?

I've uploaded a bunch more pictures of that little adventure and put them in their own Flickr set called "Making a Concrete Ofuro", in case you get the urge to play with a ton or two of heavy wet stuff anytime in the future. Looking at my stats, my original post about that project gets the most hits via keyword searches of anything I've got up by about a factor of ten, so hopefully a more thorough, narrated photo log of the process will come in handy to those adventurous souls who are out there looking.

It's looking like it's going to be a grand weekend weather-wise and I'm feeling the need to get my cook on, yet I remain uninspired and searching...
Anyone got any good new recipes to share?

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