Friday, August 18, 2006

Quoting Boy

So boy flew out to the east coast yesterday to pick up a Ducati 998. He's riding it back, which, in case you're interested, is a really, really long way, particularly when it's on a bike that has a dubious reputation for reliability. And if it's anything like the two Ducatis we used to have, if he's lucky, he might make it to New Jersey before something completely crazy goes wrong with it. Oh well.

He wanted to know what his maxiumum rescue distance (i.e. come get me with the truck distance) is. I dunno...maybe like 40 miles? :)

While discussing the ride...
Me: "You're totally going to need a chiropractor when you get home."
Boy: "Um, yea, or maybe an ass-practor."

While watching Project Runway...
Boy: "hmmm so that's how it goes, huh? All the guys room together and all the girls together, no matter what?"
Me: "Yes. And no, they don't make the gay guys room with the girls if that's what you mean."
Boy: "I was just wondering..."

Speaking of Project Runway. WTF. Vincent stays and Allison goes? That is just beyond wrong. F-you, TV.

And because we need to have pictures...some newish ones that I really like:

Ms. Knit-Whit are running in a 5K this evening. Wish us luck!

I love that top picture. Good luck in the 5k!
Do you know what I like most about the yarn on my bike? You can see the clouds in the chrome!

Good luck in the race ;-)
You and Ms. Knit-Whit make me want a motorcycle!
I hope the 5K went well for both of you. I'm curious, what yarn is that in the pictures?

I've recently found your site through my SIL's recommendation. (She's a MN biker, too, but I can't seem to get her knitting... yet.) I lurve the house (and your use of color) and all the pics. I expect to be dropping around more often now that I found you. But no stalking, I promise.
Thanks Nanc! Glad you stopped by. The yarn is Koigu, but I'm not sure of the colorway...
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