Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And then There Was Furniture

Yes, well.
A lack of blogging for which I apologize.

You'll recall I mentioned the scheduled delivery of some furniture last Friday. It arrived as expected and is even better that I had been hoping these last three months. It's so nice, in fact, that I even went so far as to tell Boy last night that it COMPLETELY made up for the fact that I put up with our old Blue Couch from Hell (BCH) for so long and had to stifle the urge to just go out and replace it SO many times. So, I have been getting my lounge on in a big way an have been existing a state of blissful cowhide appreciation since Friday. I'd post a picture and show you but for some reason I decided the couch's color should be kept a secret from Ms. Knit-Whit and she's not going to get here to see it until Friday. So you just have to wait.

But there is more...
So as if I wasn't in enough of a state of excited anticipation over the prospect of actually having furniture after so long, I also got a call from IKEA on Friday telling me that the sofa I had ordered there was in TOO! I think I may have squealed with joy at the person on the phone. We welcome the Arlid and matching ottoman and eagerly await the avaliability of the Arlid chair:

I must say, it's pretty darn nice for $999.

And then...
I must also give as an excuse the arrival of one seriously BIG TV. And no, it's not for watching life size porn, and that idea didn't and probably wouldn't have even ocurred to me, but according to Boy, there isn't any porn in HD anyway, so what would be the point? :)
So as if having an amazingly comfortable sofa, finally, after all this time in the furniture-free new house wasn't good enough, we now have a CHOICE of where to sit AND we can watch TV!
I bet if you listened hard you could hear my butt thanking me.

I can't wait to come over!
I like the combination of all the white with that rug. And I like your idea below of painting the ceiling the red of the boxes!
I'm considering the Arlid in white leather, how has it held up since you bought it?

Hi Dave
It still looks and sits great. Like new, really, although we are a a kid free house so that probably helps.
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