Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

Leave it to my awesome friend Knit-Whit to find the neatoest birthday present evah:

Plus, a kitchen gadget I've NEVER EVEN SEEN. I would have thought that impossible. Mine, however, are much cooler as they are lime green!

And she's also deprived some poor little second-grader of their surely much coveted set of these, in order that I should have a back-up set:

Because, like her, I was just unable to resist all the school supply goodness and she made the mistake of telling me about them :)

Anyway, I have had a fun and adventurous weekend and have a lot of coolness to tell you about, but I don't want to make you late for the first day of school so you'll just have to wait...

No harm done, the store had plenty of colored pencils to go around.
It's looking like maybe you've dipped into the candies and eaten 2 or 3 ;-)
Yay! Happy Birthday, splatgirl! Hope you have a great day (or week, depending on how you celebrate).

I, too, share the lurve of school supplies and get a bit excited this time of year. All the possibities and hopes of a new (school) year seem reminscent of the strong smell of a fresh package of crayons.
Happy Birthday - I'm sure you'll make good use of the candy, chopsticks, and the school supplies. I use my midget to justify all my fall crayon purchase...it is nice to have an out.
Splatgirl - you are everywhere! I was over on the IKEA fansite looking at some kitchens and there you were, and then the link to here. After following your blog on LiveModern for so long, I've wondered where you went off to. I see the concrete counter tops as the backdrop here for the birthday goodies. Happy Birthday and congrats on the house - would love to see more photos over on livemodern! And PLEASE let those girls over on the IKEA site know what the heck you decided on the backsplash - they are going crazy! :)
Ohhhhhhh! Busted!
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