Saturday, September 23, 2006

Last Nights' Dinner: The Birthday Special

My favorite pal Ms. Knit-Whit and her K-spouse came for dinner last night and we indulged in some dinner deliciousness in honor of her impending birthday. A while ago now she had mentioned wanting to have a lobster roll. Where she got the idea I have no idea, but that was all the incentive I needed to put that on her supersecret birthday suprise dinner menu. It was a little bit of an adventure finding lobster around these parts, but I managed and that was certainly made up for by the fact that the lobster roll is actually a pretty quick and easy cooking endeavour:

I made these in what I understand to be the classic fashion, a bunch of lobster meat with just the slightest coating of mayo and some salt and pepper, (although I couldn't resist adding just the tiniest bit of lemon zest, too) on a buttered, toasted roll. Along side, we had the requisite pile of potato chips and a little butter lettuce, hearts of palm and avocado salad with a tarragon vinagrette. It was a fabulously simple and delicious meal.

Here is an after dinner shot of the our birthday girl and her charming date:

Be sure and head on over to her place to find out what was in the bag!

Thanks again for all the fabulous food and gifts!

...I'm still in the jammies!
Yum, lobster rolls! Okay, so what color is the couch?
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