Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Appley Deliciousness

By now you have certainly gone out and gotten yourself some nice fresh local apples, right? Got a spare?
I hope it's fresh and crispy and a little tart. Peel it and slice it up. Put some butter and a tablespoon or two of sugar in a saute pan and heat until the sugar melts and starts to carmelize. Throw in the apple, some cinnamon and a grating of nutmeg and cook until the apple softens a bit. Meanwhile, put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a dish. When the apples are ready, spoon them over the ice cream and there you have it, my favorite Fall treatie!

Or, if you prefer, peel and slice a whole pile of apples. Hopefully you've got this tool. Toss them with sugar and flour and cinnamon and nutmeg like you would for a pie. Pile this up in the middle of a square of puff pastry, then turn up and pleat the edges of the pastry to tuck the apples in all nice like. Dot with butter. Bake at 400 for a half hour or so or until the pastry is brown and the filling is bubbling.
Serve warm with ice cream or balance a cold slice on your fingertips and eat it standing at the counter in the kitchen, as I have just done :)

OK, umm....yumm?
You. Are. So. Increbibly. Cruel.

TX has no local apple orchards (one of the things I miss from up north). My best option is the pricey Whole Foods. But I'm sure it's worth it.

Thanks for the food pr0n. Next time I'll check the site AFTER lunch. (hee hee)
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