Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sous Kitty

For some reason M-Ah seems to be facinated with everything that goes on in the kitchen. If she were any other cat, I would assume she's in it for the potential dining opportunities, but since she turns her nose up at absolutely anything other than kitten kibble, I can only assume she's decided she want's to become a chef.
Anytime I am busy prepping or cooking, she sits on the counter and watches me intently, keeping her eyes on my every move and looking over my shoulder like a furry little apprentice. Occasionally she'll stroll over to the sink to look in at my produce trimmings and dirty saucepans as if she is evaluating the organization and cleanliness of my efforts. She'll hang around like this for as long as I am in the kitchen, and it's definitely one of the stranger things I have seen a cat do.

I can't tell if she approved of my wine pairing or not...

My girlcat, Mitzi does the same thing. She sits on the freezer and supervises while we're in the kitchen, even going so far as to make little chirps and trills, like she's bossing us around. Cats!!
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