Monday, October 16, 2006

Balancing Act

This is Angela providing the entertainment at Saturdays' dinner party. She cultivated the railing walk several years ago in our rambler, where the stakes were rather low given the nice soft carpet and short drop. While I will agree that the railing in our new house is quite a bit more accomodating of kitty walking, the potential for it to go horribly wrong is also quite a bit higher. And Angela isn't getting any younger.
Or skinnier.
Or more spry.
So we watched her act with our breath held (Boy and I especially, since we know she hasn't been practicing much), hoping a misstep wouldn't cause her to turn our torilla soup into kitty soup and ruin an otherwise lovely meal.

I have nothing much more at the moment but rumor does have it there are some extremely exciting developments on deck at Casa Splatgirl.
Today I spent at Boy's mom's house playing plumber. Her new Silestone countertops were being installed and I had to put in the fixtures and hook everything up once the counters were in. They're gorgeous, and I must say she has pretty darn good taste for an old Minnesota girl. Had I been thinking instead of in a fog from having to get up WAY too early and spend rush hour on the road, I would have remembered to bring my camera and been able to show you the fruits of my few hours spent on my knees under the sink. I'm going to be tiling her backsplash so hopefully I'll remember to get some pictures when that happens.

I've gotten the official memo from Boy regarding his pick for this weeks' What's for Dinner Wednesday:
Roasted Pork Tacos with Mole
and my addition:
Pina Colada Mojito

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