Monday, October 30, 2006

Busy with the Boy

The furry one, that is. There have been walks and outs and rides in the car aplenty, and all seems to be pretty well in dog world. Aside from completely refusing to set foot on the stairs, that is. We discovered on one of our walks to the coffee shop that he's perfectly fine with other kinds of stairs, seemingly regardless of height or number, so I guess there's something about those inside our house that he disagrees with.

Friday my pal Knit-Whit came over to meet The Pup and we enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon knitting and chatting. Never being one to let another critter steal the show, M-Ah was there to help, too!

I managed to finish the body of my Noni Bobbles Bag and got a start on the bajillion bobbles. She, crazed knitter that she is, finished almost an entire Fiber Trends clog! Aside from the excellent company, another highlight of the afternoon was the arrival of the FedEx truck with a package from my candyswap partner! I squealed with delight when I realized what it was...two fabulously amazing bars of chocolate from MarieBelle.

It doesn't get much more fantastic-er than that! Thanks Andrea! A better Halloween treat has not been had, EVER!

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