Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dough Time

Our recent cold, wet and generally ishy weather spoke "bread" to me today, at least long enough to interrupt itself from saying "couch", "blanket" and "book", which have been the major activities of note.
Since I needed to replenish my freezer stash and I wanted something that would leave me with dinner possibilities for later, I decided on pizza crust. Consulting my favorite stand-by, the Joy of Cooking, I used the pizza crust recipe found there, substituting Italian-Style Flour for AP, and made a double batch...better to stuff the freezer with, you know?
Continuing on what seems to be a recurring circle-shaped-food-with apple theme around here, crust number one:

This is a round of dough topped with sliced Brie and Honeycrisp apple, drizzled with olive oil, and sprinkled with chopped fresh rosemary, salt and pepper. Perhaps this is better described as pizza but I'll just describe it as yum. I think Honeycrisp may be the pefect apple pairingfor Brie. Sweet enough to be complimentary to the sutbleness of the cheese but acid enough to cut the richness a bit.

Crust number two was the result of my discovery that I had some spare baby portobello mushrooms standing by in the fridge. And having been informed earlier that I was to be sans Boy the Mushroom Hater for the evening, fungi-centric food seemed like the perfect little naughy home alone indulgence...

This is sauteed mushroom, shallot and shaved parmesan with a sprinkling of fresh thyme and pepper.

Boy would have hated them both :)

So sorry I missed our knitting night and you had to eat that yummy food alone!
(Said in the Homer Simpson voice..)
Portabello mushrooms....yummmmm you make house-calls? Home deliveries? Pizza-by-Mail? :-)
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