Thursday, October 05, 2006

Errata Rage

Why do I never knit garments???? BECAUSE THE PATTERNS ARE ALWAYS FREAKIN WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello??? I mean really, people. If I buy a pattern, or in this case, a magazine with the pattern in it, I think it's reasonable for me to expect that it's somewhere on the near side of accurate, you know what I mean? But instead, I spend forty five minutes trying to figure out how I'm supposed to end up with two aysmetrical sleeves that are mirror images of each other when the pattern has me knitting them exactly the same. And in case you're putting up with this temper tantrum, THAT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE. In stockinette stitch, at least. So then it finally ocurrs to me to check the stupid website, and joyfully, I am forced to register in order to see this:

"There are MANY changes to this pattern. Please download a fresh copy -- changes are marked in red."

Thanks for that. And no kidding. Seventy five percent of the stupid thing is wrong. Congratulations on one quality piece of publishing.

You may recall that I was bitching about a similar problem with the Noni Bobbles bag pattern and if I remember correctly, I sent them a little bit of a nastygram because it took me so long to even find the errata on their website. To their credit, I notice that they've now got it front and center and it appears that the "issues" that made me crabby with that pattern have been addressed.
So, to whom, do you think, shall I address the nastygram this time? The shitty-ass magazine publisher or the plasticyarn people at Lion?

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