Wednesday, October 25, 2006


At long last, the new Boy!

The Boy ratio has gone up and we are now proud parents of a retired greyhound. We adore him already!

Oooo ... love him!
What's his name and how old is he and where did you get him?
We have had four retired racers over the past 15 fifteen years. They are wonderful.
Ooops. Too much enthusiasm?
Cathy in MN with Fred the couch potato (racing name: Captain Friday)
Enjoy your new home!
Casey Blue
Yay! He's beautiful!
Oh yea!! He's beautiful..What's his name?
ha-Ha! The age was wrong, but I had the species correct. He is a lovely boy.
Very handsome fellow!
Yay - new pup to luv! Like others wanna know, what's his name? He's very handsome. Will we see some blurry zoomy pix of him running soon?
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