Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's in the Bag

Less than two days from computer to doorstep, yarn for the Fishermans Shrug has arrived! Cheers to Alpaca Direct for super quick shipment and great prices on this incredibly soft and luscious yarn. It's some serious fiber crack. Plus I got another $10 off for using Google checkout. Yippee!

And that's a nifty new tote that I just couldn't resist. Well, actually I did resist it the first time but I ended up obsessing about it the whole evening thanks to a conversation with my pal Knit-Whit and I had to go back and buy it the next day. But lavender leather and ballistic nylon? I dunno what I was thinking putting it down in the first place, and obviously she was right. I NEEDED to have it.

Oooooo the bag is even cooler than I imagined!
Holy cow, that bag is awesome! Where did you find it?
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