Thursday, October 19, 2006

Last Nights' Dinner

Pina Colada Mojito. File under: delicious drink recipes to make again. Boy's verdict: "yea, I could get drunk on these."
(note that the recipe has you making them in martini-sized portions which is retarded, IMO, because they're not at all excessively alcohol-laden. This glass was completely full with ice before pouring but it's still about three recipes' worth)

Roasted Pork Tacos with Mole
The unknown: The quality or authenticity of this mole recipe. It's the first one I've made, but not the first I've eaten.
The established: I didn't like this one.
After a taco or two I decided I'd be enjoying them more without the sauce. And considering the sauce is pretty much the point, this recipe is going in the trash. It's just plain weird tasting and it looked a lot like baby poop which pretty much matches my opinion of its' author since way back anyway. The roast pork was ok, but the minimal pre-roasting treatments didn't do much of anything for the overall flavor of the meat which, IMO, is a problem when the finished dish has so few ingredients. I think there are much better techniques that can be applied to a cut of meat like shoulder or butt that requires a long cooking time to achieve tenderness. In fact, after dinner I remembered a recipe in my file that has the shoulder being braised with beer that is fabulous. Next time I'll use that one...

So, another interesting WFDW. Let's hope for a winner next week!

Does your family rrreeealllyy understand what a wonderful, creative, rarity you are?? I come here just to drool (and feel somewhat guilty) over your meals! I will say, however, that it's beginning to rub off in a small way. I'm starting to think about varying my weekly menus. This is good! Key word here is "thinking". LOL
I think they're probably busy putting up with all the not so great aspects of me being a "creative rarity", but thank you. What a lovely compliment!

Even thinking about getting outside the box is fantastic! Baby steps, you know?
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