Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Mosaic-ing

Today's project, mosaic tiling what will be the counter for my studio sink:

This was an IKEA Laxan vanity table, but I decided I had to wedge their Domsjo sink and a big faucet into it and that necessitated constructing a new, slightly bigger top. I set the mosaic yesterday using sample tile and leftover glass from this project and now I'm just waiting for the grout to set. After that, I'll put in the sink and faucet, cross one more house project off my list and celebrate having a dedicated clean-up spot right in my workspace. Hurray for no paint and goo gobs in the bathroom and kitchen sinks!

Hi -- I've enjoyed reading your blogs (old and new) and find your level of creative energy to be inspiring! Whoah -- your new house! What do you and your hubby (sp?) do for a living to be able to actually afford building your own dream home, plus you to be home making all sorts of creative things, entertain like you do, etc. Looks like a dream life to me! No children?
wow, I love this. I am considering a laxan sink bench for my bathroom. You just inspired me !
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