Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Open Letter to the Kids in My Neighborhood

60. Number of full size candy bars at the ready.
2. Number of occupants on Halloween stand-by at Casa Splatgirl.
1. Number of enthusiastic dogs ready to help pass out friendly greetings.

0. Number of tricker treaters that showed up to claim the Casa Splatgirl booty.

Dear children: You should know, had you bothered to show up...any of you, that you would have received not one but TWO FULL SIZE CANDYBARS. That's right. You missed it. Bigtime. And now Halloween is over, and I have this shitload of regular old kid-friendly candy bars that I don't know what to do with and will most certainly end up eating myself, whereby rendering me fat and crabby and impatient. Keep this in mind should you ever decide to show up for Halloween in the future.


we barely got any here at all. i say 10 tops. where are all the kids?!?
In all the time I've lived in the Twin Cities (8 years now), there have been about 10 trick-or-treaters to my various places of residence, and most of them have been over the age of 16. It's just not what it used to be.

If you had lived in MY town, giving out those big, delicious bars, you'd be the most popular lady in town. Word of your bounty would spread like wildfire and you'd have more trick-or-treaters than you could count.
damn. that sucks.

We hardly got any trick-or-treaters, either. We ended up giving out handfulls of candy and we've still wound up with a bunch left over. But whole candy bars and zero kids? That's crazy.
I think the kids must've all been over here in EP. I handed out to over 50 kids last night - and my Puck came home with five pounds of candy! (half of which has been purchased by yours truly - I paid him for it - and will be given away to a local shelter.)
That is just not right, did they not get the memo?
We had 41 kids. I ended up giving out about 4-5 pieces to each trick or treater and I still have candy left over. I wonder if the cold had anything to do with the low numbers??
We never get many kids - the house are too far apart and the street is kind of dark - with no sidewalks. I always put out a bowl though as we are out with our kids. We had York patties and pixie sticks (about 70) the pixie sticks were ALL gone when we got back!!
No problem. You just box up all those FULL-SIZE bars and FedEx 'em to me! I'll find homes for them. LOL Your new "boy" and his new duds are wonderful.
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