Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Revisiting Paint Hell

Soon to be red, perhaps evident by the chips stuck to the wall:

Since I seem to be incapable of choosing the perfect color for the one remaining monster wall, I figured I'd move on to something quicker and easier to make a decision about and this week that happens to be the foyer. Of course it's another intense, multi-coat color, but I'm only going to do the wall with the door (and all the windows, yikes) and one wall downstairs.

I'm hard at work roasting the pork shoulder (in my new LeCreuset!) for tonights' Whats For Dinner Wednesday. I've already made the mole sauce and I gotta say I think it's a little weird tasting at this point...not like other mole I've had. I'm waiting to taste it in context with the meat, queso and lime before I commit to anything, however. Is it too early for a Pina Colada Mojito??

Are you ready for the Project Runway finale? I'm crazy with anticipation! I don't have a real favorite (gasp! I know!) because I think each of the designers are fantastic within the context of their individual styles. I really just can't wait to see all of the collections but I'm also so sad that it's going to be over!

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