Wednesday, October 11, 2006

WFDW, the Porn:

Chili Roasted Game Hen with Jalapeno Orange Glaze (from Bon Appetit...sorry no link) served on a bed of Spinach and Rice with Lemon (link in previous post)

Delicious, although game hens are too much work to eat. I'll definitely use this recipe again because the glaze and sauce are delicious and easy, but next time I'll do it with a chicken breast instead. The rice dish was fab. Quick, easy and very tasty. Plus it looks nice with the bright green of the sauteed spinach.
For dessert, the tart

I think this is a more elegant and interesting version of a simple apple tart that still provides that satisfying comfort-foodishness. The crust with the nuts embedded in it looks and tastes really good, and the combination of the apples with the cardamom and honey is amazing and unexpected. I really enjoyed eating an apple dessert spiced with something other than cinnamon.

So, another successful WFDW adventure at Casa Splatgirl. What did you make?

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