Thursday, October 26, 2006

What's for Dinner Doggie?

First, the promised Duck a l'orange, with smashed potatos and sauteed spinach with garlic. This was the first time I've made duck. I followed the very straightforward recipe exactly and it was delicious. The sauce was perfect and a tasty compliment to both the meat and the potatos. We each enjoyed a leg and a breast, leaving plenty more to reincarnate into other deliciousness tomorrow which I'm looking forward to. Try it with chicken if the duck thing is too much for you...

Thanks to everyone for sharing our enthusiasm and excitement over New Boy. His homeboy name is Mast, his racing name was Center Mass. We're considering giving him a more charming nickname but so far nothing that seems suitable has popped up so I guess we'll stick to Mast for now. He's just celebrated his third birthday, and he's still a little gaunt at ~80lbs. In an extremely weird coincidence, he happens to share the same birthdate as #1 Boy. Kind of freaky, doncha think? He came to us via Northern Lights Grehyounds and we're looking forward to a long and fun-filled life with him! So far he's most enthralled with the mirrored closet doors (and being so dang handsome, can you blame him for wanting to admire himself?). And on the flip side, the stairs and the glass floor are the biggest drool and pant inducing features of residential life.

Here's dear M-Ah, probably wondering what she did to deserve this and why it's gotta involve her favorite crash pad...

Great pic of M-Ah and Mast. It looks like he's adapting well.
omg, that is a hilarious picture of M-Ah. What a perfect name - we had a Mao-Kitty long ago - he was a black and white tuxedo who could stand on his hind leg and open door knobs. Crazy animals!
What a gorgeous boy! We are the proud parents of two retired racers. Aren't they just the best?
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