Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Whats For Dinner Wednesday

You are playing, right?

Just a teaser...tune in after dinner for pictures and a critique
Asparagus Gratin (I know, I know, it's not asparagus season but Boy picked the recipes and I couldn't bear to dis him, plus it sounds delicious.)
Hickory Grilled Rib Eye Steaks with Bacon-Molasses Butter
And I think I'll add a nice green salad or maybe some sweet corn if I can still find it.

So we're not super high on the gourmet scale tonight, but considering the only thing Boy ever asks for to eat is a grilled chicken sandwich or a ham and cheese, I gotta give him credit. Plus, the first thing he came up with I had to veto. Lamb stew. Me: "do you even like lamb? Have you ever even eaten lamb, like in a less quesionable form than stew?" And the next thing: Paella with rabbit. Me: "Do you even know where to get rabbit?" Boy: "Yes, in the back yard. Maybe you can get a kitty to help."

Needless to say, Paella, yes, rabbit, no.
He's always half jokingly coming up with these classic, cliche dishes, which means I'm almost guaranteed to have to make Beef Wellington or Rack of Lamb at some point, since the deal has become that we'll take turns choosing the WFDW menu. But that should be made up for by the fact that his job is to bring flowers for the table EVERY week :)

See you after dinner!

Must be a man thing - whenever I ask my brother what he wants for dinner, he suggest Coq au Vin or Pheasant Under Glass. So very, very funny.
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