Thursday, November 23, 2006

Herow Ebrybudy

Hapie Tanksgibing!
My mudder wanz yoo ta cee al da funz I havd et da dogge plase too dae:

Cee? It wuz wrelly, wrelly fun an I got ta git alll weet un mudde un plae wit my frenz an ite wuz xtree nise dis tyme cuz mye dadders wuz dere too! Doo yoo ce ware dat Grate Dayn girwie goz hur swobber on mee? Preddy funie...gwirl swobber awn my butz, ha?

I hop yoo allz hat a wrelly fun dae to an dint et toooo mutsch!

Wuv, PupCake

Hi PupCake! My two retired racers wish they could join you at that BEAUTIFUL dog park. You are a very lucky boy!!
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