Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ramblings On

No pictures again.
I could have given you another picture of the dog, but I only have pictures of him laying around, lounging...because..well...he's a Greyhound, and you've seen him doing that already anyway. But in case you forgot, I'll tell ya he is still the cutest piece of puppers pie EVER.

Of course y'all would get the whole Thanksgiving thing. I knew you would, among other reasons, because you blog, which is a lot about THE PROCESS, right? But thank you. I just needed to know that there are more than two sane people left in the world.
And for those of you who were wondering, we have declined the invite to the fabulous store-boughtenness food fest at BoysMoms. I really have no idea what she'll end up serving, but if I've gotta cook everything myself in order NOT to have to eat mass-produced crap on Thanksgiving, I'm going to love doing it, but it's also going to be on my terms which do NOT include having to haul it all over town and then serve it from a cluttered, cramped and probably dirty kitchen to people who obviously don't give a shit in the first place. So Boy and I will be enjoying an honest to goodness, cooked-by-me and hopefully delicious Thanksgiving meal at home. I'd say there's a fair chance we'll be in our jammies all day as well, or at least right up until we decide to take the dog to the park or go for a walk. Please feel free to stop by :) Along with all the usual yummies, we'll be featuring the delicous (and newly discovered, thanks to WFDW) asparagus gratin and pumpkin bread pudding.

Third and totally unrelated:
The tiramisu at Joey Nova's is the best I have ever eaten that I didn't make myself. Far and away better than any other tiramisu I have eaten at a restaurant, anywhere. And this coming from me, high queen of the tiramisu snobs. Until the other day I would have told you a tiramisu as good as what I make does not exist, but my world has shifted and Joey Nova's has completely blown me away. Not what I would have expected from a strip mall pizza and sandwich joint, but hey, huge props to whoever's making that stuff, cuz they obviously know their tiramisu and I can't wait to get over there and have some more.

If I didn't already have plans to eat a home cooked meal, I would definitely stop by to visit. Happy Thanksgiving!
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