Friday, November 17, 2006

What WAS for Dinner

Hoboken Eddie's Root Beer Chicken:

As weird as I thought the recipe sounded, it was really pretty good. The flavor profile leans heavily toward the sweet, given the reduced root beer "sauce" and the sauteed banannas, so if that's not your thing then stay away. I tend to have a sweet tooth, so I enjoyed it, but I do think the dish would benefit from an acid component to balance things a bit. Even a squeeze of lime juice as garnish would have good. And although it doesn't say to do so, I wished I would have basted the chicken with the sauce during grilling to add a bit more dimension with the carmelized/burnt sugar note that makes grilling with sweet sauces so yummy.
The accompanying "Jamaican Jerk" rice suprised me. Truthfully, the combination of ingredients grossed me out a bit as I was putting it together. And because I didn't have any of the recommended sauces, I used green Tabasco, Sri-Cha and regular teriyaki sauce and added some fresh grated ginger and wasabi paste. I just threw everything into my rice cooker and half an hour later discovered a flavorful end product with just enough spice to make it interesting.
I'm not sure I'd rush to make this again, but it's far from being one of those straight-into-the-recycle-bin recipes. If nothing else, the root beer chicken part would make great kid food...
Boy chose to wash his down with a cold frosty one, meaning root beer of course :)

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