Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's for Dinner Wednesday, the Reveal

It was Boy's pick this week, and I gotta give him huge props for stepping deeply outside both our boxes and choosing something I would never have chosen in a bajillion years.

Thai Tofu with Zucchini, Red Bell Pepper and Lime

OK, so I think I've only cooked tofu once and that was back in the eighties, but it's left me with the same opinion as before. WHAT is the attraction? It's wads of meaningless nothing with a sort of gross texture and frying it made more of a mess in my kitchen than cooking bacon. Are people eating it just for the health benefits? I say give me a bowl of wheat berries and adzuki beans washed down with a glass of soy milk and hold the flavorless curdled crap.
Even with my limited experience cooking tofu, I know that it can benefit from flavor enhancing treatments (like marinating) and this recipe just has you frying it plain, in oil, and I'm sure that's was partly to blame, but still, I find the texture not so good.

Aside from the tofu problem, this recipe in general is pretty blah too. I mean, the thing to love about Thai food is it's abundant flavor and this recipe really didn't have any despite my off the record addition of fish sauce to try and pump things up a bit. Fortunately, I served it over rice noodles which are hard to go wrong with in any form because had they not been a part of the dish I think we would have been running for take out. As I told Boy, It's a good thing I was really hungry.
There are great, quick curry recipes out there and this is not one of them, my friends. Sorry.

it looks good though. maybe it would be better if you replaced the tofu with chicken or pork. screw the health benefits ;)
I'm with maryse - it looks good...
I have to give you kudos for trying it though, I can't say I would have.
Tofu's best one of two ways: marinated, then pressed (it makes it firmer) and deep fried. The most delicious tofu I've had is the Thai peanut tofu you can find at some Byerly's/Lunds locations; the texture and flavor are unlike any other tofu I've ever met.

One quick tofu stir fry involves pressing tofu and frying the pieces with red bell pepper, onion, and green beans, with black bean sauce. It's really nice with some sushi rice.
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