Monday, November 06, 2006

What's For Lunch?

A lunchtime take on the Green Chilli Quesadilla recipe from a couple of weeks ago. As written, I think this one is about as close to quesadilla perfection as it gets, but today I was looking for something more substantial:

I had a leftover grilled chicken breast and a piece of bacon that I sliced up and tucked in with the chili mixture, and instead of Monterey Jack cheese, I used some Spanish Mahon. Fast and easy Yum!

Turning to dogworld, we escorted The Pup on his first dog park adventure yesterday which was really fun. We were a bit tentative at first, being that all of us are new to the whole dog park experience, but our FurBoy proved to be just as polite and well behaved in the presence of a bunch of unfamiliar dogs as he is around us and the kitties despite the fact that there were some real brats running around stirring things up and getting snippy. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but rest assured there will be many more trips to doggieville since I think we had just as much fun as he did.

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