Thursday, November 09, 2006

What's With this Lake Thing, Anyway?

Since his arrival, PupCake and I have settled into a routine of long morning walks followed by getting down to business for me, and a nap for him, and today was no different. We both love our walks and all those smells and sights lead to one pooped Puppers. Which is not to imply that he does much other than lounge anyway :)

The weather has been gorgeous the last couple of days and to take advantage of it yesterday I decided another dog park scouting adventure was in order. We headed over to Alimagnet dog park in, of all places, Burnsville, and boy did we have a blast. Alimagnet was rated the number three dog park in the country and it's really, really cool with a lake, wetland, woods, plenty of open space and a heated shelter and water dish. PupCake thought it was doggie HEAVEN! He makes fast friends with dogs that like to run and play and fetch but in his mind, the whole point of the game is that he gets to chase the ball chaser, not that the ball gets got. He totally doesn't get that part, because, like, what could possibly be better than getting to run?
He's definitely a follower, so when another small hound chased his ball into the muddy, swampy part of the lake, Puppers followed him in full-on, and promptly got stuck in the water with paw-sucking mud up to his elbows. He stood there for a minute sort of confused, turning around to look at me like "hey.....?", and then ceremoniously pulled out one of his paws and held it up and looked at it. Another minute or two and I'm starting to wonder if there's anyone around wearing waders that I might be able to persuade to go in after him. But then, apparently sick of standing there all alone and not wanting to appear the sissy, he trudged his way back to shore with a look like "yea, I'm cool". A few more romps in and out of chest deep water and my guy is thinking he's the man and that this doggie lake thing is pretty cool, as I'm cringing at the idea of wet, muddy dog in vehicle. (FIY, Alimagnet has a dog-washing station near the parking lot.)
Needless to say,after all that excitement he was even more of a lump of dog last night than usual and could barely be bothered to come to bed.
I think we're enjoying retirement :)

It certainly looks like he's settling right in. Great pics.
That dog park sounds awesome - I think our Brown Roundness may need to take a visit. He is nothing if not a water lover!
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