Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fun with the Houndies

PupCake, Boy and I made a trip to have pictures taken with Santa today to benefit Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption. As usual, our boy was excited as heck to get to socialize and we had a great time visiting with the gaggle of houndie pals:

PupCake took the most adorable, full-on smiling-for-the-camera picture with Santa, which unfortunately is a Polariod that I am too lazy to scan and show you. The best I could get was this:

Boy: "So, is it going to be, like, an animal-Santa or a man-Santa?"
Me: "Um...Isn't Santa universal? Meaning, like, that there is only one and HE is Santa? And... a 'man-Santa'? Dude, I am so blogging that."

As it turns out , it was a woman-Santa.

And then, because it's never too cold for Izzy's. Boy and I were braving the cold and in the neighborhood, post Taste of Thailand lunch, so we just had to stop for what was perhaps the best flavor of ice cream I have ever eaten...tiramisu. For the record, I had mine with a mango Izzy, but the tiramisu portion of the event was beyond compare. I may just have to call them up and inquire about buying a whole giant bucket of it as soon as I figure out how I could fit it in my freezer.
What a day, huh? Taste of Thailand AND Izzy's? A girl couldn't ask for much more from a Saturday afternoon date!

He looks quite a bit bigger than the other Greyhounds! The least they could have done is had the woman dressed in a Mrs. Claus costume.

Wow, I am completely jealous of your Izzy trip.
Our greyhound adoption group also does santa pics, but we've never been. We should go this year! Glad it was such a great day for you!
Izzy's huh? The one on Marshall? That's right in my 'hood. We'll have to go get some icecream with the houndies when it gets a bit warmer!

Jen and Aley
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