Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What's For Dinner Wednesday

I've been telling Boy for years that I want him to hire someone from Taste of Thailand to come over and teach me how to make #47, but it hasn't happened yet. So in lieu of that, I decided I'd start trying to duplicate it at home being that I'm now appropriately equipped with the crazy wok burner and have no excuses.
Attempt number one is here for WFDW:

Typically, I'd order it with chicken, but since I've been hungry for beef and had some on hand, I used that instead. The choice of meat doesn't make any difference, really, since #47 is all about the sauce and the vegetables anyway. I also took some liberty with the veg selection. The real thing is just red and green bell pepper, mushrooms and onions, along with the dish-defining basil, garlic and jalapenos, but I added carrot, and brocolli just because I love them.
The end result was nearly right on. A little too heavy on the lime juice, but now that I know the general direction to follow, I think a couple more tries should get me there or at least to something that will tide us over until I get my personal, in-home lesson.

Oh dear, this is bad, I was already quite hungry...
man that looks good.

you don't think you could post the recipe once you get it figured out, do you?

just some general guidelines.

pretty please?

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