Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What's For Dinner Wednesday?

Rack of lamb, with parsley potatos and green beans almondine:

This was the first time I had ever purchased or cooked lamb, but "rack of lamb?" is one of Boy's common (joking) responses to what should be made for dinner, and I take great delight in being able to humor him, if only to see what other crazy cliche dishes he will swap into his rotation of standard, bizarre responses. Not that it's relevant, but I've always had this idea that he's remembering the names of these dishes from watching Roadrunner cartoons as a kid or something, because there is zero possibility he would have encountered them in reality, like ever, in his pre-Splatgirl life, because, as you may reacall, his mom is the worst cook ever. And I mean ever. If you can even call what she does to food cooking, that is.

Ok, so I used this recipe and it was very good, but I give most of that credit to the succulence of the meat and to the awesome roasting job I did if I do say so myself. Obviously there are many, many good recipes for lamb to choose from out there, and I picked this one mostly because it didn't call for mint. Which I dislike. Except in a mojito, that is. I think I would make this again with the change to let it run under the broiler at the end to crisp the crust a bit more. It was quick and easy and tasty and elegant. What more can you ask for? I did buy the racks already frenched which saved a good bit of time.

Once again, the goal of WFDW has been met: step outside the box and find some new and interesting stand-bys. Yippee for rack of lamb!

I'm thinking New Years for that dinner.
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