Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dog Sweater KAL: More Progress!

Please pardon my less than enthusiastic model. He was a little worried about the fact that a yarn ball kept following him around the house, and evidently he likes trying on clothes as much as his dad:

It's coming along nicely, doncha think? I'm generally making it up as I go, but also according to a haphazardly laid out advance plan of attack based on some probably-not-so-accurate measurements. Because... "get measured?" Did I just hear you say "whip me, starve me and make me live outside in the cold, muther?"
You'd think it's THE WORST thing that could EVER happen to a hound dog, besides being chased by yarn balls that is.

So the most complex part, figuring out how to incorporate a turtleneck, chest front and leg holes, and then making the whole thing put on-able, is still on the horizon. But I haven't had to rip yet and it's fitting reasonably well, so I'll call it a win thus far.

How is everyone else doing?

Your sweater looks great. I have tried to make sweaters for my greyhounds, but leg holes never worked. Those long legs and long toes just didn't want to slip through, even if the dog didn't object. I could get them to wear things that slipped over their heads and then belted under their chests. Let me know how it works for you. Fred could use a new sweater and I really like the way yours looks.
Cathy in MN
That gorgeous!! I really love the colors.
The sweaters I made my little guy had you knit a big rectangle for the back, ribbing for turtle neck and all, and then start a rectangle, and end up decreasing towards the top, until you have one stitch. Then you seamed the 2 parts together, and left little leg holes.

It was pretty esy for an 8 pound dog. :D

I don't know if that helps any, but I could take some shots of the underside of Siris's sweater if you like.
Little progress on my end!
Wow so far that is looking great! I have a greyhound too and I have been struggling with making her a sweater. That chest and leg area is just difficult. I want mine to slip over her head and have sleeves and stuff, but I just don't know if its possible... I'll be closely monitoring your progress!!
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