Friday, January 19, 2007

It's Finshed, Dog!

May I present Mast The Dog, better known as PupCake, modeling his fabulous new sweater:

Can you tell I am much more excited about this debut than him? (And no, I don't beat him, despite what that look on his face may be suggesting.)

Certainly this assures his position as the most fashion forward hound in our city, wouldn't you think? Given that the other hound around town wears....gasp...camouflage...this is probably not much of a contest, but we'll take it :)

I am considering adding some ribbed banding around the leg holes to close them in a bit (the whole sweater seems to have grown bigger somehow...?) and I think it needs some kind of anti-roll edging along the butt flaps, but I figured we'd give it a shakedown test walk or two before starting to tweak. I made the turtleneck long enough that I can put it up over his ears when it's really cold instead of having to wear a separate snood, or, in the case of what we have been making due with, a neck gaiter pinned at the top that makes him look like the canine version of the Virgin Mary.

Anyway, yay! The first FO of the new year!

BTW, if anyone happens to be interested in the pattern for this, let me know. I intend to at least attempt to write down the pattern for my own reference and knowing it would benefit someone else would provide some motivation.
I used six balls of Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky, so it was pretty cheap, and duh, it was super easy and fast, because: a. I'm lazy, and b. it's a dog sweater. It's knit mostly in the round and is all one piece and it only has to be stepped into with the back feet so it's easy to put on.

oh he looks beautiful. although less than enthusiastic. i love the turtleneck
Wow he's a handsome guy!

I pity the other poor hound in camo. Greyhounds are just not camo kinds of dogs:-)
It is GREYT! :) I would love the pattern--my two hounds may not be as thilled as I am. :)
oh my gosh, that is just adorable!!!! i want a greyhound just so i can make it a sweater like that!!!!!!
Looks SO cute! i love that pitiful face! I am definately interested in a loose pattern to follow. Its been a struggle to figure out what to do with my grey gal!
Bravo! Even though Mast doesn't look thrilled I'm sure as soon as he stepped out into the cold he was appreciative!

It is kind of crazy how it grew bigger.
Look at that smoky eyeliner, what a model. I guess I don't think he looks all that pitiful, but mom knows best!
Wow! That's a super cute sweater! And Doesn't the model look so happy to be wearing it! :D
That sweater is so freaking ADOREABLE! Can you please post a pattern?
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